Greetings from the Chairman,


I hope that this message finds you all Healthy, Safe and Well.  As everyone should know, the results of the Global Pandemic, most all of the Highland Games and Gatherings have been cancelled for the near future, including our own International Gathering that was scheduled for the first week of June of this year.  I would like to first like to thank everyone for continuing their support to the Clan and Society.   During this time we have had many of our members volunteer in their Local Communities and provide much needed support to the vulnerable.  This goes to the heart of the Clan Motto, Reviresco! We Shall Rise Again!  

We at the Society are looking forward to the future, where we can come together as a family once again and share our Kinship and Camaraderie. I am truly looking forward to this time.  Planning for upcoming events is continually underway and once allowed, the Clan Banner will be flying proudly along with the other Clans at various venues throughout the World. 


I would like to thank the Country Conveners and the Executive Committee for their dedication to the Clan and Society, without whom we would be in a very different situation.


I would also commend the individual members as well, your trust in and devotion to the Clan and Society is energizing and motivating.

So, while we cannot be together in person during this time, I know that each and every one of you are together in spirit.  Let us show the world that Clan MacEwen truly rise again!



Sean A. McCuin

Chairman of the Clan MacEwen Society