Greetings to all Kinsmen and Women!


As I look over the Loch here in Kilfinan, my thoughts take me to the time of the ancestors.  While this area can be harsh, the beauty never ceases to amaze me.  We are so very lucky to have sprung from these pristine glens.  I truly understand what pulls us back this tiny hamlet in the west of Scotland.   I believe we as a clan will continue to live up to our Motto “Reviresco!”  I do not believe there is a single field of expertise that a MacEwen has not excelled in or accomplished great things.  The new battle cry   “Còmhla!”, which translates to Together!, shows how we as a clan will grow strong again.   With all the new membership in the Society in the last few months, I am encouraged that we are truly reaching our Kin both far and near.   As 2021 progresses and things get back to a fairly normal way of day to day activity, I am looking forward to once again meeting as many of you as possible at the Highland Games we as a Society attend and welcoming you to our Hamlet here in Kilfinan. 


Reviresco to one and all

Yours in Service

Sean A McCuin


Clan MacEwen Society