Joining the Society and Sponsorship

Join the Society 

 As a Member of the Society you help provide the means to maintain the Website, Generate the Newsletters and our presence at various Highland Games around the world.  As a member you receive a Quarterly Newsletter and access to additional information in the Members Area.  You also receive an additional discount in the Clan MacEwen Shop.  All funds go back to the Clan and Society for use as per Constitutional Guidelines for items such as Chiefship Legal Fees, The Establishment of a Heritage Center and Clan Promotion throughout the World. As a paid member of the society you also have the right to vote during Society AGM's.


             Single Membership                                                             Family Membership

Donate to the Chiefship Fund


As with any legal undertaking, the process of having a commander/chief recognized for the clan incurs costs.  These are paid for through memberships and fundraising throughout the year.  Any donations would be gratefully appreciated.

Sponsor the Cairn

As the Cairn is over 20 years old, it is due for some maintenance.  The money raised will go toward the restoration and maintenance of the cairn in the coming months.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.