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Progress of Chiefship

Progress of Chiefship

Progress of Chiefship

While there have been efforts to secure us a Chief since at least the 1950s, it became especially clear at The Gathering in Edinburgh, 2009, that Clans without Chiefs were firmly in the second rank. We all determined then that a Chief of the McEwen Clan had to be found. On 27th February 2012, the Lord Lyon published the following notice on the website of Lyon Court about the appointment of a chief to the clan:


It has been proposed by the Clan Ewen Society, the Ewing Family Association and various individuals of the name that a Family Convention for those of the name, broadly defined, should be convened with a view to the recognition of a Commander. In accordance with the Guidelines already posted regarding the holding of a Derbhfine or Family Convention the Lord Lyon intends to appoint a Supervising Officer in the near future.

David Sellar

27th February 2012

In October 2012 the Clan Ewen Society submitted a request for a Family Convention or Derbhfine to the Lyon Court.

On 11th October 2012

the Lord Lyon published the following notice on the website of Lyon Court about the appointment of a chief to the clan.


The Lord Lyon King of Arms has appointed the Honourable Adam Bruce, Marchmont Herald of Arms, to be the Supervising Officer for the MacEwan/Ewing Family Convention. It is for the Supervising Officer to agree the procedure for the Family Convention with the interested parties, including a reasonable fee for acting.

In June 2014 following the AGM of Clan Ewen Society

Sir John R.H. McEwen was commissioned as the commander of Clan MacEwen for a period of 5 years by the Lord Lyon.

On the 1st of June 2019

Following the guidance from the Lord Lyon, The Clan Ewen Society hosted a Family Gathering at Kilfinan Argyll, the historic home of Clan MacEwen, to confirm Clan MacEwen's position that Sir John R.H. McEwen is our selection for Chief of the Name.  The Meeting was attended by the Honorable Adam Bruce, Marchmont Herald to the Lyon Court and a request to extend the Commandership to allow time for Sir John R. H. McEwen to apply for undifferenced arms and be appointed Chief of the Name.

On the 3rd of June 2019, the Clan and Sir John R. H. McEwen received consent from the Lyon Court to extend the Commandership.

The next steps will be to apply to the Lyon Court for a set of undifferenced arms to be matriculated where by Sir John R.H. McEwen will then be considered Chief of the Name.  This is a lengthy process and we will keep the clan updated on the progress.

On the 5th of January 2022, the Clan and Sir John received additional guidance from the Marchmont Herald , the Honorable Adam Bruce

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