Chiefs of Clan 

Historical Chiefs of the Clan MacEwen of Otter

  1. MacEwen  I of Otter          Approx. 1200

  2. Severan     II of Otter         Approx. 1222

  3. Unknown

  4. Unknown

  5. Gillespie    V of Otter         Approx. 1315

  6. Ewen         VI of Otter        ?

  7. John          VII of Otter       ?

  8. Walter        VII of Otter       ?

  9. Swene       IX of Otter        1429-1493


Upon Swene’s death the Lands of Otter were transferred to Archibald, Earl of Argyll.

From 1493 until the 1950’s the clan was Broken or Leaderless.  The actions of the Clan fell under the jurisdiction of the Dukes of Argyll and various other Clan Chiefs during this period.

Upon Successful completion of Matriculation,  Sir John R.H. McEwen will be the 10th Chief of the Name.