Variants of the Name

A long list of names which are included as variants of the clan name MacEwen is given below. Some of these variants are archaic spellings of the name. Some others, whilst they might sometimes be derived from the clan name, might also have other derivations.


Aine Ane Cowan Cowen Cuen Cuin Cuins Cune Cunn Eoghain Eoghan Eouin Eowen Euan Euans Euanson Euenson Eugein Eugen Eughann Eunson Evenson Ewan Ewen Ewenson Ewin Ewins Ewine Ewing Ewing Ewings Ewne Ewon Ewyne Guin Keon Keown Kewan Kewans Kewen Kewens Kewin Kewins Kowan Kowen MacAine MacAne MacCeun MacCoan MacCoin MacCoon MacCoun MacCuan MacCuen MacCuidhean MacCuin MacCuithan MacCuithein MacCune MacCunn MacEoghan MacEowen MacEroune MacEuan MacEunson MacEwan MacEwans MacEwen MacEwin MacEwine MacEwing MacEwne MacGoon MacGruen MacGuin MacKeon MacKeowan MacKeowen MacKeowin MacKeown MacKewan MacKewen MacKewin MacKewn MacKhone MacKowan MacKowen MacKown MacKuen MacKuin MacKune MacOunn MacOwan MacOwans MacOwen MacOwens MacOwin MacOwins MacQn MacQuin MacQuinn MacQuone MacQuowen MacQuowens Macwen MaGoon Makevin Makewin Makewn McAine McAne McCeun McCoan McCoin McCoon McCoun McCuan McCuen McCuidhean McCown McCowanMcCowen McCuin McCuithan McCuithein McCune McCunn McEoghan McEowen McEroune McEuan McEunson McEwan McEwen McEwin McEwine McEwing McEwne McEwyne McGoon McGruen McGuin McKeon McKeowan McKeowen McKeowin McKeown McKewan McKewen McKewin McKewn McKhone McKowan McKowen McKown McKuen McKuin McKune McOunn McOwan McOwans McOwen McOwens McOwin McOwins McQn McQuin McQuinn McQuone McQuowen McQuowens M’Eouin M’Eun M’Ewine M’Ewyne M’Kevin M’Yowin Owan Owein Owen Owens Qn Quin Quinn VcQuhewin