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The Clan MacEwen Society

The Clan MacEwen Society

The Clan MacEwen Society

Founded: 1977 as the Clan Ewen Society and in 2019 the Society voted to change the name to the Clan MacEwen Society.


  1. Establish a Clan Society and Centre for the descendants of this ancient Scots Clan.

  2. Establish a Clan Chief/Commander


Promote the identity of Clan MacEwen and the heritage of the Scots Clans System.


  1. Social and cultural meetings, events and outings worldwide

  2. Collating records of family trees and other genealogical facts

  3. Newsletters, bulletins, social media

  4. MacEwen Clan Store selling MacEwen merchandise online and at Highland Games, society members receive a 10% discount, profits are used to promote the Clan

  5. Membership subscription fee is used to facilitate the aims and objectives of the    Society and is governed by the management committee


Open to anyone wherever resident, having any derivative of the name, anyone claiming a Clan family descendency or interest.

In 2014 a derbhfine was held where Sir John McEwen, 5th Baronet of Marchmont and Bardrochat (whose family have been considered by many to be leaders of the Clan since the 1950’s) was nominated by the Clan and approved by the Lord Lyon to be Commander for Clan MacEwen. The Clan reconfirmed their support during the International Gathering in 2019.  The precedent for these commanderships is for a period of 10 years. During this time the Commander is to show the qualities and leadership along with the support of their clan. Upon successful completion of the Commandership, Sir John can petition the Lord Lyon for the grant of a new Coat of Arms of MacEwen and confirm him as Chief of the name.

The Clan MacEwen Society
The Clan MacEwen Society

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