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Clan MacEwen Crest Badge

Crest Badge

Many clansfolk today wear a crest badge to show allegiance to their particular clan. Crest badges usually consist of strap-and-buckle surrounding the clan chief's heraldic crest, with the chief's motto written within the strap. Since the clan revival of the early nineteenth century, many MacEwens have adopted the crest of a large oak stump, clearly the base of what was once a large oak tree, that despite having been cut down is now sprouting new branches. The banner accompanying the image bears the Latin motto REVIRESCO ("I grow green / verdant / strong again").This crest badge is not derived from the arms of a previous chief of the clan, but appears to have been in use among the Galloway McEwens from an early date. This crest and motto are recorded in the Arms of the McEwen Baronets (McEwen of Marchmont and Bardrochat). These McEwens held lands in Bardrochat in Carrick.

Clan Ewen Crest
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