"As perhaps the most patient of all clans, Clan MacEwen is well prepared to deal with the current n-normal. Having waited for more than 500 years to find a Chief, and knowing all that time, deep in our hearts, that we would, indeed, rise again, we are, as befits The Clan That Plants Trees, a clan that takes the long view. While our thoughts and prayers are first of all with the families and friends of those who are now suffering, this weird crisis must be considered a time of opportunity. We are being invited to reconsider: what matters, whose work matters, where our priorities lie, what's the best way to organise the world. Feeling sad about the cancelled gatherings of Clansfolk from all over the planet brings home how much our Clan means to us all. This - Clan MacEwen - is one of those things that matter. And we have known worse than this. We can wait a wee bit longer. We'll be back. And we'll be back with all colours flying. REVIRESCO!"