"Greetings from Berwickshire where we are slightly hoarse after watching Scotland come close against England at Murrayfield. Actually, with reluctance one would have to admit that the better side won. Blast! We love the English but some of us will always be A.B.E. when it comes to football, rugby, cricket, tiddlywinks... (Anyone But England.) It's only a game, after all. Our Clan, of course, these days, belongs to the world. We are as Australian as we are American as we are Canadian, South African, Irish, Welsh, French, German, Dutch, Italian and, yes, English. But our homeland will always be Scotland and those of us who live here will always rejoice to welcome fellow Clansfolk who happen to live elsewhere back to the country of their forebears. To quote the last lines of the one-man show that I am currently working on, which involves much quotation from Scottish Literature (this is by Kathleen Jamie), we are, "Small folk playing our part. / 'Come all ye,' the country says, / 'You win me, who take me most to heart'."