Message From The Commander

Message From The Commander

Sir John R.H McEwen, 5th Baronet of Marchmont and Bardrochat

"When the site of Castle MacEwen was excavated in 1968 the most important object to be recovered from the earth was a 12th -century crucifix, made from copper alloy, possibly in Belgium. The arms of the figure are bent upwards - to aid concealment maybe - so that the hands appear to be clasped above the head. This delightful artefact, not at present on public display, is a reminder as might seem appropriate to the season that we were and remain Christian at heart.


Although the MacEwen Clan is now international and, presumably, multi-denominational, with Clansfolk belonging to every religion and none, we began as Christians on the shore of Loch Fyne; and the words of that obscure wanderer/story-teller/healer from the ancient Middle East are still relevant to us as they were to our ancestors. Christians grumble often, about other religions and other Christians, about the parts of their church's teaching with which they disagree (like this Catholic), but we all look to the words of Christ and his immediate followers for everyday wisdom and guidance. 'God is love' (1 John 4:8, 16), for example: the simplest notion and yet the most profound. Perhaps we will one day discover that those words are the very truth."


Happy Christmas, Clansfolk.