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Clan That Plants Trees Project

Clan that Plants Trees Project 

We want to make a lasting positive impact in our world for future generations, we plant trees wherever we are in the world, an act that an individual can do or as part of a bigger group to make an impact. If every clan member planted one tree each, we could make a huge impact for our environment, our wellbeing, our future generations and is a lasting legacy. We want to plant a MacEwen Wood in the ancestral homeland for everyone to enjoy to anchor our commitment to make our world a better place and help connect the ancient atlantic rainforest in this area. To solidify this commitment and communicate this message, we have adopted the tag line “The Clan
That Plants Trees”

1. Clan members will plant a tree wherever they are in the world
2. Plant MacEwen Wood in the ancestral homeland
3. Offer workshops to share skills on tree planting and maintenance

1. Kilfinan Community Forest is the location of MacEwen Wood with planting to start February 2024 with a community orchard consisting of fruit and nut trees, and 1500 native broadleaf trees to be planted within the forest.
2. Anyone can donate to the project or have us plant a tree in their honour through the Society website.
3. Since 2022, we made a commitment to plant a tree for every society membership renewal.
4. Our involvement with the Kilfinan Community Forest will be a long term commitment, donating trees annually.

5. We hope to educate and show people around the forest and hold workshops in the forest center from tree planting and maintenance, woodworking and bushcraft to health and wellbeing for clan members and the local community and make as many as possible
available online for those around the world to be able to participate.

1. Clan members planting trees wherever they live and sharing pictures and information 2022
2. Kilfinan Community Forest tree planting permission received August 2023, 130 fruit trees and 1500 native broadleaf trees purchased October 2023
3. December 2023 1500 native broadleaf trees planted in Kilfinan Community Forest
4. Orchard Planting to start February 2024

MacEwen Wood site proposal
Since 2022, Clan MacEwen Society has made a commitment to plant a tree for every membership renewal. Otter and Ballimore estates are not viable due to existing commitments.  Kilfinan Community Forest in Tighnabruaich have agreed we can plant there.
2023 Proposed site of MacEwen Wood at Kilfinan Community Forest progressing.  

1. Croft: Can rent a 5 hectare croft for £900 per year in Kilfinan Community Forest and create woodland our way (has to be 80% planted within 3 years) which can be planned and maintained by the Society. 1500 native broadleaf trees have been grown in the forest
nursery and ready to be planted at a cost of 40p each plus tubing and staking. Site needs to be prepared for planting. We can have a heritage centre on site/information boards
2. Orchard: can donate money to Kilfinan community forest for them to plant orchard (fruit and nuts) this year and can have Society credited as a funder. Or we can have an area within the orchard to plant our own fruit and nut trees. KCF have asked if we could
purchase 130 fruit trees at cost of £1000 and help fund deer fencing costing £6000
3. 1500 broadleaf native trees grown at the site are available to purchase to plant @40p (£600). Either we can plant or we can purchase for the forest to plant.
4. New site under proposal to lease - 1-2.5 hectares opposite orchard for £150 p/hectare per year plus £100 p/annum road maintenance for first 5 years.  Training can be provided by Kilfinan Community Forest on preparing, planting and maintaining woodland and working groups including the local community can help with project hands on. 

1. Our clan crest shows a blasted oak growing anew - planting trees is a physical representation of that historic crest
2. We are connecting our ancient atlantic rainforest and helping the physical environment return in part to its historical landscape
3. Gives clansfolk worldwide the physical connection to each other and to our history, trees were so important to our way of life, it is immortalised in our crest, and it leaves a historic legacy for our future generations

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